Smartbond is a new colouring technology that strengthens your hair during and after a colour service. It contains an additive that is added during your in-salon colour treatment to help prevent further damage.


Your hair fibre is made up of Keratin chains that are linked by bonds. Smartbond targets weaker parts of the bonds and helps to reform them and improve the overall look and finish. Smartbond is highly recommended for clients that lighten their hair with bleach, or frequently colour their hair, to help maintain the strength of the hair.

Colouring hair without Smartbond may lead to damage in the future. The Keratin bonds in the hair will find it hard to repair themselves, this is due to the level of oxidation that takes place during colouring. Smartbond is developed to help prevent this.

Smartbond has been developed by L’Oréal Professionnel and will work alongside the professional colours used in all Rush Hair salons. Smartbond will not affect the colour that is achieved in salon, it will ensure the colour lasts longer and doesn’t fade, only taking an additional 10 minutes to apply.

Prices are £10 in colour, in blonde colour £15 - this cost will be added on to your colour service. A stand alone treatment is £25.


To prevent your hair from reverting back to its original damage level, try the Smartbond conditioner that should be used at home once a week, for £16.49. Speak to our expert team in salon for more details on the Smartbond service and how this can enhance the look and feel of your hair.