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Salon owner Luke celebrates 20 years hairdrsssing at the junction

Twenty years certainly is a long time, lots of things both personally and professionally has happened in that time but what has hasn’t changed and that is Luke cutting hair at the junction. If his memory serves him correct he started hairdressing at the junction way back in May 1999 at the then ‘Junction Salon’. Facebook certainly didn’t exist, instead it was nokia mobile phones and texting was the in-thing.

Hairdressing has certainly changed throughout the years – you get to see and create so many different styles and colours. Now in 2019 male grooming has taken off massively and we’ve definitely noticed this change in the shop which is exciting.

Luke is most definitely a local chap through and through as he grew up on the nearby estate to the salon, so you could say he hasn’t gone very far on his travels. But that doesn’t matter at all, because one of the things Luke loves the most and that is he has remained local to where he grew up and he’s doing the thing he loves the most and that’s cutting and styling hair.

Over the past 20 years Luke has had a very loyal following and even to this day he is still doing some of his very first original clientele – happy days – you know who you are – thank you.

Fast forward 20 years and we are now housed just across the road from the original salon in a much bigger space which we moved into back in 2016.

To celebrate this 20 year milestone we will be holding various competitions throughout the year – lots to look out for - a slight name change and look which we are very excited about and we will also be making some tiny changes in the salon itself – so keep a watch out!

Luke and the whole team would like to thank all of our customers and a special thank you to those that have followed Luke over the last 20 years – thank you. :-)

…and from the team - Congratulations Luke

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