We have a fantastic range of hand nail treatments to keep your nails in tip top condition.

Using the worldwide number one nail brand CND we offer manicures which will encourage your natural nail growth to help keep your nails strong and cuticles soft and neat.


CND Shellac Gel Application

£26 (60 Minutes)

CND Shellac gel is applied over your natural nail to help strengthen, protect and condition the nails, allowing them to grow without breaking. CND Shellac gel colour will last 14+ days. What colour do you fancy?

- Removal prior to new application £5

- On it’s own £7 (includes nail tidy)


CND Spa Mini Manicure

Treatment includes; Hand bath soak, cuticle and nail care, filling, quick exfoliation, moisturise, a polish of your choice and finishedwith CND Solar Oil.

with Polish £23 (45 Minutes) or CND Shellac Gel £33 (75 Minutes)
without Polish £20 (30 Minutes)


CND Spa Luxury Manicure

Treatment includes; Hand bath soak, cuticle care, hand and arm exfoliation, moisture wrap with heated mitts, hand and arm massage, filling, a polish of your choice and finished with CND Solar Oil.

Polish £36 (80 Minutes) or CND Shellac Gel £45 (90 Minutes)


Acrylic Extensions

We use the top brand NSI and CJP which is an advanced professional system for creating beautiful acrylic nails.

Acrylic Extensions French – £27 (90 Minutes)

Acrylic Extensions CND Vinylux Polish Finish – £30 (90 Minutes)

Acrylic Extensions CND Shellac Gel Polish Finish – £37 (105 Minutes)


Acrylic Extensions Infills with CND Vinylux Polish Finish (Recommended Every 2 Weeks) - £19 (60 Minutes)

Upgrade your Infills to CND Shellac Gel Polish, add on £7


Acrylic Extensions Safe Removal (With Another Treatment) - £7 (20/30 Minutes)

Acrylic Extensions Safe Removal (On Its Own) - £11 (20/30 Minutes)


we recommend

IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment

Weak, thin, damaged nails? Then this is the treatment for you. The IBX treatment is the first professional nail repair system of its kind. The IBX treatment uses a mixture of heat and light-sources to repair and restore the nail back to a great condition. Includes a free polish colour to finish.
If your nails are particularly weak and damaged you may need at least 6 sessions or more overall.

IBX Application - £15 (30 Minutes)


File and CND Vinylux Polish

Includes cuticle tidy, file and finished in a colour of your choice. £14 (20 Minutes)


Just a Polish

Just a polish, choose any colour from the CND Vinylux / Creative Play range. £8 (15 Minutes)


Little Girls Polish

A treat for the young ladies, any colour polish and free nail art stickers. Aged up to 12 years. £5 (15 Minutes)


Gel Nail Repair

Includes gel removal and re-application. Applies to no more than 2 nails. £3 (15 Minutes)

Nail Extension Repair

Please state which enhancement you have and if you have gel polish on. £3.50 (20 Minutes)

Add a Layer of Hard Gel

Applied under your CND Shellac Gel Polish this will give your

nails even more strength. £6 (15 Minutes)


CND Shellac Gel Removal

Removal Prior to New Application £5 (15 Minutes)

Removal on it’s own (includes nail tidy) £7 (15 Minutes)


Nail Art

50p Per Nail

We have a never ending nail art collection from chrome glitters and jewels.